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Date d'inscription : 08/04/2020
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Audrey GERVAIS Empty Audrey GERVAIS

Ven 17 Avr - 17:30
Nowadays, the main causes of environmental pollution come first from the production and use of various energy energy sources then from industrial activities but nevertheless important from agriculture this can cause consequences on our planets of which very serious for the evolution of humanity
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Date d'inscription : 17/04/2020
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Audrey GERVAIS Empty Save the planet

Ven 17 Avr - 23:07
The most important environmental problem is the pollution, by cars, factories, by over-exploited fossil energies or intensive agriculture. And all problems have consequences, but here it's on our planet and the main concequences are toxic and harmefull for us. But why do we continue to broke the Earth ?
Here, I'm gonna speak about the waste that is a considerable trouble. And more than, the waste is because of the intensive agriculture, just because if we product more and if we don't need more produtions, it's waste. Howover, we are in consumer society so it's difficult to resist when you can buy whatever you want when you want.
To solve this problem, we need to be carefull when we buy our food needs so don't spend too much for things we gonna throw in bin. Or we can to buy more that we need and give some product to charity associations for help needy people.
And the best solution it's just to stop intensive productions and the intensive agriculture. But I think that the factories and the farmers don't want to stop theirs salary juste to save the planet because they are selfish.
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